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  • Do you add anything to your products?
    No, they are 100% pure.
  • When is syrup season?
    Maple syurp season changes every year but is between late February and mid to late March but can occasonially run into early April. What makes the trees run is nice sunny days at or above 40 degrees, and nights around 25 degrees.
  • Why is there different colors of maple syrup?
    There are multiple different grades of maple syrup, the lightest being Michigan delicate and the darkest being grade B. The syrup will be very light and sweet in the beginning of the season and will become darker and obtain a more dominant maple flavor as the season goes on.
  • Wholesale Prices
    We offer wholsale to retail stores. Please contact Cody Rockafellow at (989)-824-2066 or
  • Returns and Shipping Policies
    We do not accept returns and refunds. The packages sent are insured, and if there are any damages to the products upon arrival, please contact us immediately for replacement.
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